The Socially Responsible Writing programme

5 weeks to break old habits, learn new ones and start making the world a little fairer

Sign up to our 5-week programme and learn how to write clearly and effectively using Plain English—the socially responsible writing style that governments and companies around the world endorse.

Over the course of five 1.5-hour sessions you’ll learn how to make your words count, by presenting information in a way that makes it easier for your audience to read, understand and act upon.

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Day 1:

How to write for your readers: PhEW for Plain English!

What we’ll explore:

  • Why how you write matters
  • What Plain English / plain language are
  • Introducing our TEPL method
  • Q&A session

Day 2:

How to draw your readers in: Creating the right first impression

What we’ll explore:

  • How to make a good first impression on readers
  • How to help your readers get straight to what they need
  • Useful trouble-shooting tips
  • Q&A session

Day 3:

How to connect with your readers: Being natural and human

What we’ll explore:

  • Setting the right tone
  • How to make readers feel you’re talking to, not at, them (1)
  • How to make readers feel you’re talking to, not at, them (2)
  • Q&A session

Day 4:

How to keep your readers reading: Writing with consideration

What we’ll expore:

  • How to make your readers feel you’re writing for them
  • How to keep your language lively and engaging
  • Choosing vocabulary with your readers in mind
  • Q&A session

Day 5:

How to be understood by readers: Making every word count

What we’ll explore:

  • The power of the familiar over the exotic
  • The power of the fresh over the hackneyed
  • The power of the precise over the vague
  • Q&A session


Bonus extras and optional add-ons

All participants automatically receive our free bonuses:

  • FREE analysis and advice on your writing style
  • FREE list of further writing resources
  • Optional add-on: ‘homework’ exercises and feedback
  • Optional add-on: one-to-one coaching session